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What is the SeaStar VacaLayAway Program?

Call us for information on our VacaLayAway program: (706) 490-3992

SeaStar* Vacations exclusive VACA~ LAY~ AWAY makes it easy to afford a trip to our world-famous sugar sand beaches with your family even in these challenging times by putting a monthly payment in your regular monthly budget.

If you’re trying to plan a beach trip but can’t quite see a way to afford it all right now, Sea Star* can book it for you with as little as $300.00 down, and you can plan your vacation up to 12 months in advance!

Spread The Payments Out

The way it works is simple; you spread the payments out over time. The size of the payment and the number of payments will depend on how much time exists between the first payment on your trip and the date the final payment is due.

Sea Star* Vacations requires the final payment due 45 days prior to the start of the reservation.

Plan Ahead

So, in order to get the most benefit out of a VACA ~LAY ~AWAY you will want to give yourself plenty of lead time. Plan today for the trip you want 6-10 months from now. If the price of your chosen condo or home goes up, which happens many times, you are protected from the price increase.

We Handle the Accounting for You

We handle the accounting for each of your payments, providing receipts and letting you know your balance after each payment is made. Once we reserve your vacation, you may make payments or, simply make a single payment at the end of your VACA~LAY~AWAY period. And, of course, no interest or fees. It’s just one of the many personalized services Sea Star*provides.

No One Else is Making this Offer!

We know of no other vacation rental agency making this offer available to the traveling public, but we have allowed our guests to make time payments for years and by doing so have made it possible for many people to experience a dream vacation that they originally thought was beyond their budget. and we are delighted to offer it to you. Please, give us a call and we can review a plans that best suits your budget. See ‘ya at the beach!

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